“The Seventh Tradition ensures that other influences or organizations, however well-meaning, never interfere with our primary purpose. By declining outside contributions, we are free to focus on carrying the SAA message, and that message only.”

— Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 87

Our Seventh Tradition holds that SAA ought to be fully self-supporting, accepting contributions from members only. Donations to the Eugene SAA Intergroup are not currently tax-deductible. Any funds left after our expenses are passed on to the ISO of SAA (International Service Organization). If you would like to contribute directly to the ISO of SAA for a tax-deductible donation, please go there.

Otherwise, click below to donate to the Eugene SAA Intergroup:

If you feel more comfortable mailing a check, you may do so using our P.O. box address on our contact page. Intergroup expenses help us to carry the message in the spirit of the Fifth Tradition and include:

  • Maintaining our website, email, and phone line services at

  • Meeting space rental

  • P.O. Box rental

  • Maintaining and distributing literature

  • Special inreach and outreach projects

  • Intergroup-sponsored events such as speaker meetings and retreats. The Intergroup may sponsor local "telemeetings" but we are careful to observe the Fourth Tradition of group autonomy: each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or SAA as a whole

See Purpose of the Intergroup and other guidance in the SAA ISO's Group Guide.