Local Meetings

As of January 24, 2021


Meetings held via phone or online: we have organized local telemeetings and you may contact us for the current schedule for all meetings. Our venues for face-to-face meetings are limited. Eugene churches and the city/state have closed facilities or restricted public gatherings due to COVID-19 health mandates. In the absence these locations please know that there are also SAA telephone and online meetings world-wide: see "telemeetings" at saa-recovery.org/meetings.

Face-to-Face / In Person

The covered picnic area at the Wayne Morse Farm is closed. The Saturday and Wednesday morning face-to-face meetings have been moved to the covered picnic areas at Alton Baker Park.

Wednesday @ 7:00am
"As a Result of These Steps"
Alton Baker Park — covered picnic area(s) - Google Maps link
Eugene, OR
This is a covered outdoor area with picnic tables. Please wear masks and dress warmly!

Saturday @ 7:30am
Alton Baker Park (same location as Wednesday morning)


The Eugene SAA Intergroup is the coordinating body for local SAA meetings. Intergroup meetings are not regular recovery meetings, but bi-monthly meetings held for the purpose of intergroup business. For the best description of the services provided by an intergroup, please see the SAA ISO's page: saa-recovery.org/iso/intergroups. The Eugene SAA Intergroup currently meets online, on the first Wednesday evening (6pm-7pm) of every odd month. Anyone who attends other local meetings are invited to attend the intergroup meetings. Contact us for the current online schedule.